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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

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Excellent emergency locksmith services

Going out with your mates can be fun but always remember to keep all valuables safe. I learned this the hard way after a heavy night of drinking at the local pub. When I got back to my flat, I couldn't find my key anywhere. I had a wedding to attend the following day so being locked out was just not an option for me. Thankfully, this locksmith company was able to send someone over at my request and unlocked the door for me with no trouble at all. Thanks to them, I was able to go to the wedding and learn the valuable lesson of being attentive to detail. If all else fails, at least I know I can rely on them to help me out again.

Office lockout services by this awesome company

Last week was a nightmare for me because I accidentally lost the office key. My job literally depended on me having that key and I was scrambling my brain for ways on how to get inside. My co-worker Sharon probably sensed the stress I was feeling, which is why she recommended I call Locksmith Company in London that specializes in situations such as this. After calling them up, a friendly and reassuring technician arrived in a matter of hours and was able to open the door. Suffice to say, I even got the lock system changed, which they were able to do with ease. I still have my job and have learned never to lose the key again, thanks to this superb company.

Lost Gun Safe Keys

“After my wife's most recent cleaning spree I realised that she had accidentally tossed the key to my safe. So, I had to call professionals. One of my cousins recommended Locksmith Slough. Their technician arrived about an hour later, and was able to open the safe and replace the locking mechanism at my request. He also gave me two keys just in case I lose one. The price was reasonable, the technician was a friendly chap, and the service was brilliant. Professional service indeed, and definitely I am a satisfied customer.”

Front door lock repair

"Our front door lock was old and in bad shape, so we felt it needed servicing or possibly a replacement. This was one of the first companies we found online. They gave us a great quote so we chose them for the work. The chap that came arrived on time and got on with the job right away. He was very friendly and professional. The lock now works really smoothly and looks lovely. We are very happy with the work and would very much like to thank you for a fantastic job done!”

Amy S.


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