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Different Locks for Securing Your Home

Different Locks for Securing Your Home
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Keeping your home secured from unauthorised access and intrusions should always be a priority in your house, and with the addition of any number of high security locks on your exterior doors is the perfect way to ensure that you do it right. For the most part, most British standard locks are great for maintaining acceptable levels of home security, but when you need more protection, taking advantage of additional security is never a bad idea. So, if you are looking to better secure your home, take a look at these extra security locks which are sure to make your home a safer place.

Install a Swing Lock

Different Locks for Securing Your HomeIf you are looking for better security that doesn’t require you to have your front door’s lock changed, than simply adding a swing lock to your door will give you the additional security that you need. Swing locks can be attached to the door to limit the degree to which it can be opened when it is latched. This acts as the perfect failsafe when your primary lock has been tampered with, while still allowing just enough space for you to see who is on the other end, trying to gain entry.

Superior Protection from Deadbolts

By having a deadbolt installed on your front door, you can take better charge of your security by ensuring that once it is locked from the inside, that no amount of tampering with your primary lock will get an intruder access to your home. Deadbolts can only be operated manually from inside the house, making it the perfect protective measure for a good night’s sleep.

Having these extras fitted to your exterior doors will ensure that you can get the benefits of added security without having to have a new primary lock installed. This means that you can better protect yourself without the hassle of having to pick out and fit new locks to your doors, making security easier, cheaper and quicker to conduct.

UPVC Door Lock for better Security

For those that want the ultimate in home protection, replacing your primary lock with UPVC door locks on your exterior doors will combine the functionality of multiple mechanisms into a single, easy to use device. These locks make use of a series of different mechanisms which run parallel to the door, each securing it independently while being operated with a single turn of a key.

So, take better charge of your home security today by having any one of these locks installed on your exterior doors. Be sure to have them fitted by a qualified locksmith for the best results.

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